(Effective for 4/1/2020)

For University of Connecticut users:

Electron microscopy projects can be carried out either by BEML staff or by trained users, or by a combination of the two, with fees prorated accordingly.  Training outside of regularly scheduled courses is charged at the assisted rate.  In the list that follows, rates (most items rounded to nearest dollar) are given as assisted /unassisted:


Transmission Electron Microscopy

Tecnai12 Biotwin : per hour – $81/$39

JEOL JEM-1400: per hour – $81/$39

Fixation, osmication, dehydration, embedding, typical*: per first sample – $125/$38; per additional sample, up to five1: – $38/$7

Assisted ultramicrotomy  (first block2, serial section up to 40 sections3, and Surcharge for up to 100 sections): – $63, $256, and $105

Unassisted ultramicrotomy (first block4 and each additional): – $6 and $2

Negative staining (assisted only): first sample – $37; per additional sample – $6

Cryoultramicrotomy (assisted only): first hour – $87; per additional hr – $18

Immuno electron microscopy: rates depend on procedures; please consult staff.


Scanning Electron Microscopy

Nova NanoSEM with Oxford EDX: per hour – $81/$39 

Fixation, osmication, dehydration: per first sample – $88/$28;  per additional sample, up to five – $15/$5

Critical point drying (calculation based on 5 lb CO2 suage): per run – $33/$16

Sputter coating: per first minute – $17/$4; per additional minute – $1.21/$1.21

Extra staff assistance, per hour: $50

stubs: $0.24 each

boxes: $3.03 large, $2.57 small


1For projects with total sample size larger than five, we will use basket tissue processing protocol to reduce the overall cost, please consult staff about this.

2Includes toluidine blue stained test thicks plus four test thins on mesh grids.

3Includes test thicks, test thins on slot grids, and up to 40 serial sections on slot grids.

4Includes knife glass, toluidine blue, glass slides, up to 5 mesh grids, and use of knife breaker, UCT ultramicrotome.

We calculate usage cost as a whole for each research lab, and the invoices along with detailed cost breakdowns are sent out twice per year, one for the April-September billing cycle and the other for October-March billing cycle. We can also provide an invoice at you request for your desired cut-off date with one-week notice, for scenarios like the grant/account you want to use to cover the BEML invoice will expire soon.

For more questions about rates/estimate (e.g. for external users), or information about other services, user training, or courses, please contact us.