SEM Images

(Click on each image for details and acknowledgements. Assistance in electron microscopy and sample preparation was provided by BEML staff members Stephen Daniels, Xuanhao Sun and Marie Cantino)

Biological Samples

Colon Cancer Cells   Stem Cells Growing on 3D Biomimetic Scaffold   Stem Cells Growing on 3D Biomimetic Scaffold Zoomed-In View

Salamander Epidermis Cilia   Salamander Epidermis Cilia Top View   Ciliated Cells of Mouse Embyro

Red Blood Cells in Blood Vessel   Collagen Fibers in Esophagus   Leaf Surface

Bacterial Biofilm on Used Floss   Bacteria on a Seahorse   Gill of Threespine Stickleback

Mallomonas punctifera   Mallomonas schumachii   Chrysophyte cyst

Didymosphenia sp.   Didymosphenia sp.   Didymosphenia sp.

Tip of Mosquito Proboscis   Carbon Dioxide Sensing Organ of Mosquito   Carbon Dioxide Sensing Organ of Mosquito Zoomed-in View

Mosquito Head   Mosquito Head Side View   Compound Eyes of Mosquito

Head of Fruit Fly   Compound Eyes of Fruit Fly   Compound Eyes of Fruit Fly Zoomed-in View

Distal Portion of Fruit Fly Leg   Deer Tick   Head of a Deer Tick

Head Capsule of Smoky Moth Caterpillar   Spatulate Setae of a Smoky Moth Caterpillar   Cluster of Sub Dorsal Setae of a Smoky Moth Caterpillar

Non-biological Samples

PLGA microspheres   PLGA microsphere-B   PVA hydrogel

Pt Nanorods   Ceramic Fibers   Ceramic Fiber-B

Carbon Nanotubes on an Iron Catalytic Substrate   Fiber-reinforced Ceramic Matrix HM   Fiber-reinforced Ceramic Matrix

Silica Nanoparticle-BF   Silica Nanoparticle-DF   Silica Nanoparticle-HAADF

Meso-OMS-2   Artificial Antibody on Silica Nanoparticle   Rod-like Molecular Sieves

Nanorod Arrays   Tips of Nanorod Arrays   Nanorods Grown on Honeycomb Monolith

Urchin-like Octahedral Molecular Sieves   Tips of Nanorod Arrays-B   Li doped manganese oxide