Facility Address

Biology/Physics Building (BPB) Room G06
91 N. Eagleville Rd.
University of Connecticut, Unit 3242
Storrs, CT 06269-3242

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Our facility is located on the ground floor of the Biology/Physics building.  Enter the BEML suite via the G06 double doors adjacent to the cash register window at the Up & Atom cafe.  The doors should be unlocked between 9 am and 4 pm, but if they are locked, try ringing the doorbell, located on the brick frame at the far left side of the door.


Faculty Director

Dr. Linnaea Ostroff
Office Phone: 860-486-3588


Director of Operations

Xuanhao Sun Contact Photo

Dr. Xuanhao Sun
Office Phone: 860-486-6368
Lab Phone: 860-486-2914
Fax: 860-486-6369


Facility Staff

Maritza Abril

Dr. Maritza Abril
Phone: 860-486-3793


Diane Edington Contact Photo

Diane Edington
Phone: 860-486-2914


Former Facility Personnel