Facility Address

Biology/Physics Building (BPB) Room G06
91 N. Eagleville Rd.
University of Connecticut, Unit 3242
Storrs, CT 06269-3242

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Our facility is located on the ground floor of the Biology/Physics building.  Enter the BEML suite via the G06 double doors adjacent to the cash register window at the Up & Atom cafe.  The doors should be unlocked between 9 am and 4 pm, but if they are locked, try ringing the doorbell, located on the brick frame at the far left side of the door.



Facility Director

Marie Cantino Contact Photo

Dr. Marie E. Cantino
Associate Professer, Emeritus
Phone: 860-486-3588
Fax: 860-486-6369


Director of Operations

Xuanhao Sun Contact Photo

Dr. Xuanhao Sun
Phone: 860-486-6368


Facility Staff

Maritza Abril

Dr. Maritza Abril
Phone: 860-486-3793


Diane Edington Contact Photo

Diane Edington
Phone: 860-486-2914



Former Facility Personnel